4 reasons for slowing down on the grind and enjoying life

Every now and then you'll have moments in your life here it feels way more difficult to to get focused and work. You try to force it but still end up procrastinating. It's almost impossible to get in the flow, get more that an hour or two of straight work.

I think possible reasons for that are, in my case at least, a new environment to adapt to, lack of routine, a bad diet, being in between two projects, no really motivating/interesting project, you could surely uncover more...

Here's the thing: as much as you don't want to be in that situation, you have to make the best of it instead. Not fighting it will help you get your productivity back faster in my experience.

  1. There is no time like now. You wont get to relive that week, month, year, decade so, keep that in mind and enjoy yourself. Worrying about the future or regretting the past wont lest to a great future neither a nice past to look back to. Plus, traveling and many other activities are really not experienced the same at 25 than at 45 or 65 so, don't always push back and just do it.
  2. Spend time working on other spheres of your life. Work is not everything, there is more to it, and, saying you are working "for your family" doesn't mean you can omit spending real time with them NOW. Those personal relationships with your loved one, kids, best friends is something that lives on the most important resource you have: time. Without it, they die, and I am telling you, no work, how ever fulling is worth loosing a dear one. And when I say "other spheres" that includes taking care of your health, making time for a good diet, having hobbies.
  3. Balance will make you perform better in everything. Countless researches shown that exercising, working normal days (not more that 10ish hours), having diversified activities, eating well, makes you time working way more productive that otherwise. I see no disadvantage here, you live a more healthy and fulfilling life while doing better work.
  4. Slowing down is normal, and you will spring back soon enough. The important thing here is not to fight those less productive moments. Sometimes it's because something else in your life needs fixing or simply more attention. Sometimes it's because work is not that interesting. Let it flow normally and I guarantee this wont be permanent, you'll will spring back in hyper focused and productive mode sooner than you think.