Project Type: Building the app from the 1st prototype to launch & more
Technologies: Golang, PostgreSQL, Websockets, React, Electron, Flutter, Dart, Android, iOS, WebAssembly, WebWorkers, TG Proto API

I’ve joined the 2 founders of Telefuel at the very beginning of their journey to help them build their prototype. Together, over the course of 1+ year, I’ve helped them interatively build an alternative Telegram client for business users.

On that journey we started by building a first prototype of the client as a React app using tdlib (via WebAssembly). Later, in order to ship a desktop app we packaged this initial web app using Electron. Next, we looked to get a mobile version of the client, a first prototype was built using React native but we didn’t think the performance and level of polish was good enough compared to the competition (official clients) so we built a Flutter version of the app for iOS and Android. While all of this was happening we kept adding new collaboration features enabled by our Go backend which every client was connected to over websocket.


Project Type: Rebuilding an maintaining an existing SaaS business
Technologies: Golang, PostgreSQL, Redis, Twilio, SendGrid, AWS S3, Facebook API, Twitter API, Instagram API, Customer Support

Together past client from TestimonialGuard Alan from CrewFire, I took on a role of part-time CTO which lead me to re-build the exisisting Node.js SaaS over the course of 3 months in order to paydown the mountain of technical debt the product accumulated over it’s first 3 years of existance. Now I maintain the product and regularly build new features into product based on feedback I get from taking care of customer support.

It’s been a great addition to my experience to maintain and support a full product on the daily and deal with all the facets of such a position like: suporting clients, infrastructure, neverending backlog of improvement, thorny bugs to troubleshoot, reasearch and development, marketing.


Project Type: Maintaining an existing SaaS / desktop software
Technologies: Electron, JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, Webpack

With PopSQL I’ve helped out maintain an Electron based collaborative SQL Query editor / runner.

It’s been great to have an other occasion to apply my deep expertise with React.js and Redux to a large and complex codebase. It aslo was a good experience in debugging non-obvious cross platform bugs as the same JavaScript codebase needs to work on MacOS, Window, Linux and the web.


Project Type: Building an maintaining a new SaaS business
Technologies: Golang, PostgreSQL, Redis, Telegram Bot API

Together with Chainfuel I build the MVP of the SaaS offering they were pivoting to (replacing the community management services businnes they had). It was a great occasion of quickly getting to market with a minimal version of a product and then agressivly iterating on the big features more established clients would wish to see.

Chainfuel is a SaaS tool that help Telegram community owner manage them and gather analytics as well as generate engagement. To that end it offers various tools like a CRM for all of you chat room’s users, analytics on sign ups and messages, anti-spam tools, quizzes and events generating engagement.


Project Type: Building an MVP as an open-source library
Technologies: Node.js, TypeScript, PostgreSQL

With LambdaGrid, we worked on building out the 1st version of an end to end testing tool. The first step was to build a minimal version of the end product targeted at testing simple JSON APIs.

The product was build as an installable open-source Node.js library so that it could be adopted easily by a the vast community of developers out there that are familiar with that technology stack. Later there are plans for making this MVP in a fully-fleged hosted solution people can sign up for in a self-service fashion.


Project Type: Building an internal tool
Technologies: Golang, PostgreSQL, Amazon MWS API, JavaScript

Working with SunkenStone we’ve built a valuable tool that enabled them to create custom embedable forms that offered a free product to e-commerce customers in exchange for them considering posting a review on the respective Amazon product page.

This project was a great example of how a simple custom built tool can translate in a great amount of value and save future development cost at the same time. Having this tool meant SunkenStone can now embed this kind of offer/engagement form in any of their e-commerce properties for any product they want without needing the help of a developer to build out and style that form each time.

It was a great occasion to build yet another embeddable JavaScript widget and a great occasion to work with Amazon’s MWS for the first time.

Project Type: Adding large new features & refactoring
Technologies: React.js, Redux, D3.js, Python, Django

While working with over the course of a year I got to spearhead multiple large new feature projects like the interactive Dashboards.

A lot of my time was spent working hard to refactor the older parts of the code base initially written teammates just learning React, it was very satisfying for the team to see core part of the products like the Signin/Signup modal, the Chart view/comment/history page, the Sharing modal and the File explorer get rebuilt and receive a fresh coat of paint.

All while working on paying down technical debt I got to mentor a few of the more junior team members and help them onboard and learn the best practices for large React.js single page applications.

Testimonial Guard

Project Type: Building an MVP for a new SaaS business
Technologies: Node.js, MongoDB, React.js, Riot.js, Stripe

I helped Testimonial Guard build and launch their SaaS business in less than 6 weeks. The platform is a multi-tenant Node.js application with multiple external components and a billing system that integrates with Stripe.

The Testimonial Guard founders had been through a lot before contacting me. They started out with a technical partner but after a few months that person left. Following that, they mandated a web agency at first, the progress came in quick but slowed to a crawl when they started working on the hard parts of the application, when the agency started started asking for more money, Testimonial Guard decided to find somebody else.

The goals were clear, the features needed for launch where thought through, Testimonial Guard simply wanted to hit the market fast while still having a solid foundation on which they could easily add features and that’s exactly what we delivered.