Full-stack developer building SaaS businesses with Golang, Node.js and React.

Bringing sanity to growing Node.js applications

It seems like most of the content written and blogged about Node.js, even now, 6 years in, takes a really basic approach to showing you how to build applications. A lot of Node.js articles explain Express.

4 reasons for slowing down on the grind and enjoying life

Every now and then you’ll have moments in your life here it feels way more difficult to to get focused and work. You try to force it but still end up procrastinating. It’s almost impossible to get in the flow, get more that an hour or two of straight work.

Building a SaaS business is 20% code, 80% ...

As I am a developer first and foremost I can testify for myself falling in the trap of thinking naively: “I’ll just code up that great idea that would solve my current pain, 50 hours later, launch it and there it is, I have a business!

Your tools for progress & success in life: Goal Setting & Focus

Constant goal setting and laser focus is something that, now I reflect on it, seems like an evident answer to how much I have advanced skills and career wise in the past two years, but, was mostly done naturally/by intuition up till now.

What a technical co-founder brings to the table (and what he searches for in his partner)

For the past six years I have been mostly focusing on becoming an awesome developer, constantly learning new languages and technologies, working for a few different companies. But, the past month, everything changed, I became a consultant and started working on a per contract basis.