Full-stack developer building SaaS businesses with Golang, Node.js and React.

On constantly improving

I know I am like that and from few blogs I read recently and conversations I’ve had recently I know there is plenty of other people like this. People with and insatiable quench for learning, for new knowledge.

The PHP repugnance fallacy

When I pronounce the 3 letters, PHP, in front of all kinds of languages affectionados, rubyists, pythonistas, javascripters but also in front of full time PHP developers there is that sudden disgust apearing in their face.

Coding challenges are exciting!

Not only are coding challenges meaning a potential new and exciting job but they also constitute a fun intellectual activity. This weekend I am to take on two of them. One related to frontend web development and the other to backend web development for a potential full-stack developer position.

Boring tech is the best tech

Wait second you might say! Boring tech that seems boring… I think can convince you of the opposite. This post is about shiny new technologies and when you should use them. When your team decides to use some seemingly old technology you might not be aware but it all kind of benefits: everybody knows how it works, the tooling availble is the best, when you run into bugs there plenty of information on it in the inter-webs and, the best part, you actually get things done during your day!

On startup world for programmers with day jobs

Have you ever found yourself wishing to start a company, not that your job is boring or not paid enough, you just feel like working on a product that you really love, that would fix a problem you see every day and goes without any solution.